I've always loved the rhythms of the night, Night Rhythms. . I'm not a vampire. I can function during the day but, I love the night. I like to take my morning showers around 5:00 AM before dawn. Some people like the long days of Summer. I like the long nights of winter. As I go through summer, I enjoy the days getting shorter and shorter, in anticipation of autumn and  Football Season. Oh yes! I must have my Sunday, Monday Night and Thursday Night football.

In Los Angeles, energy, excitement, elation, enthusiasm, all of the E adjectives I can think of, can be found at their zenith at night in LA. Live adjacent to the Staples Center. What a fitting name. Everything seems to come to life in this outdoor entertainment complex after the sun goes down. There are so many people, milling around, going in and out of clubs, and ice-skating, in the erected ice-skating rink, and around the Christmas Tree during the autumn and winter months. Then there is the LA. Live New Year's Eve countdown. Crowds of people gather around the rink, emitting all of the e- adjectives and then some, as they watch the screens around the complex, counting down to zero. When the New Year rings in you see masses of strangers wishing strangers a Happy New Year.

On the east coast, in New York City the same scenario occurs on New Year's Eve in Times Square. The first countdown there occurred in 1907 to welcome 1908. Time Square is located at 42nd Street and Broadway. Let's talk about Broadway. Let's talk about Broadway Theater. All plays in this roughly ten-block area, start and end at about the same time. This means every night seven nights a week, all of the E adjectives are in their full glory, as people exit the theaters, converging on Broadway, as they talk about the play they've just seen. Every theater has one dark night, with no performance, but the dark nights vary. Hence seven nights a week, there are plays to see.

I have a number of memories of nocturnal experiences of my travels, through the years. On my first trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, I remember the fireworks on New Year's Eve. It was exciting and frightening. I was trying to walk to Waikiki Beach. There were fireworks, popping in front of me, in back of me, and all around me. It was like walking through a battle zone. I don't know how I made it to the beach, without getting hit.

In Paris, there was the Eiffel Tower. During the day there is the experience of looking down at the city and seeing everything below clearly and distinctly, with the aid of binoculars, or a telescope. At night there is the experience of looking down and seeing gleaming, shimmering lights in The City of Lights. I experienced both. I have pictures of me experiencing both. I'm being redundant, but I loved the night. I loved looking down and seeing all the lights around the River Seine and the indistinct lights shining on the left and right banks of Paris.

In Tokyo looking down at the city from the 32nd Floor of the Shinagawa Hotel, where I stayed, the night and day experience was exactly the same, as the Eiffel Tower experience. The difference was, I knew nothing about Tokyo. Today I know nothing about Tokyo. As I viewed the city at night, I could not name the sites I was seeing. I only knew I was enjoying a  view of the largest city  in the world, in the country which is the matrix of the fortune cookie.

In Costa del Sol in the south of Spain, my hotel was on the beach. I have this prepossessing memory of me and my fellow travelers sipping wine in the restaurant of the hotel. I loved the elegance of sipping wine,  with the picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea at night. I'm tempted to say there was a beautiful full moon, overlooking the sea, but I really don't remember. Maybe there was. Maybe there wasn't. I do remember the sea. It was beautiful

Puerto Madero waterfront in Buenos Aires, at night, is my favorite nighttime experience by far so far. I loved walking up and down the boardwalk, seeing all of the beautiful restaurants, clubs boutiques on both sides of the beautiful Río de la Plata River. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city. I wanted to visit it because it's located at the bottom of the world, and because of the movie "Apartment Zero".  I also looked forward to visiting the Harrods Department store because I visited the one in London. It was closed. The building was still there. The Puerto Madero waterfront, however, which I visited nightly, was the high point of the visit for me.

Back home, in my own backyard, I love to go up to the patio on the roof of my apartment complex and view the city. I can see the top of the J.W. Marriott Hotel in LA. Live from the roof. I only go up at night. That was the main attraction of the complex, when I moved in, in the first place. To slightly paraphrase the song, for me," the stars begin to twinkle and shine, in the evening, right around a quarter to nine".