Right now I'm listening to this beautiful song by the Mills Brothers. It has been recorded by a plethora of artists through the years. For me, the best vocal rendition is by far Sam Cooke. His recording delineates the journey of the smoke rings beautifully. My favorite instrumental version would have to be by French jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Listening to the song, I began to ponder the question, why do people smoke, or why did people smoke? Today it's rather passe. Sam Cooke smoked. At least there are pictures of him with a cigarette in his mouth. If one looks at Bette Davis through her movies and her interviews on Youtube, one will see one long stream of smoke. She never stopped smoking. There is a very nice picture of actor Stewart Whitman, his wife, and three young children. He is holding a cigarette in his hand as they sit together in a  nice Family setting. Then there was the icon James Dean. There are so many pictures of him with a cigarette in his mouth. There is the scene in "Rebel without a Cause" with him and Natalie Wood. He puts a cigarette in his mouth the wrong way, and she takes it out of his mouth and puts it in the right way. I don't know if that was Nicholas Ray's direction, or whether James Dean really unknowingly make that mistake, and Ray decided to keep the shot in the film I was watching the Late Great Sarah Vaughan on the 1950s television show Playboys Penthouse. As she chatted with Hugh Hefner, the host of the show, she had a cigarette in her hand. It remained in her hand, as she went into her song. As I watched her I thought she might have lived much longer, had she not smoked. She died in 1990 of lung cancer. I never smoked. As an adolescent, it was something adults all around me, everywhere I went and some of my fellow schoolmates in Junior High school did. In Junior high school, I had hygiene class. The classes were separate for boys and girls. The teacher of the class asked us, the students, one day how many smoked. A few raised their hands. He then asked why? Various reasons were given. He then gave his explanation. He nullified all the answers and said the reason was those who smoked were trying to be grown. That might be one explanation. Did all smokers start smoking as teenagers for that reason? Advertising was another factor. There were billboards everywhere and television commercials stating that if you smoked their brand of cigarette, the world would be beautiful Of course, after smoking a few packs, or cartons it becomes an addiction. Before one gets to the addiction stage, what pleasure is derived from putting something in one's mouth, and puffing on it? James Dean died at 24. I wouldn't think he would have been old enough to become addicted unless he started smoking as a child. I guess I never smoked because I never saw the point. Today there are no smokers around for me to ask. I will just keep enjoying the beautiful song.